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Garima Kejriwal


I am Garima, an enthusiast who's recently been introduced to the domain of cybersecurity and can't wait to dive into the field. I remember I started writing when I was 9, that's when I wrote my first poem and ever since, I've never stopped. I have only explored more each day with my writing style and the content I work on. I love writing about social issues and fiction. Apart from the time I'm not writing, I'm reading a lot. So, anytime you have a book recommendation, do let me know. Sidelining the geeky part, I watch a lot of thriller and rom-coms(not guilty at all). I also have a varied taste in music, from The Beatles to 5 Seconds of Summer, you'll find me humming to random tunes throughout the day.

Articles by Garima


Verifone and Ingenico—security issues and vulnerabilities in POS terminals

33 weeks ago

Security vulnerabilities were discovered in two leading manufacturers of point-of-sale terminals technology, Verifone and Ingenico,... Read more


Gitpaste-12 Worm - Sneaking through the Systems

32 weeks ago

The Gitpaste-12 worm has been brought into the limelight once again, a few weeks after... Read more


WhatsApp Scam: OTP gives hackers access

16 weeks ago

With over two billion active monthly users, WhatsApp is the most recent target for hackers... Read more


Data of over 20 million Big Basket Users Leaked

13 weeks ago

Over the weekend, the personal data of over 20 million Indian users were leaked on... Read more


Domino’s India under fire again—over 18 crore users' data compromised

9 weeks ago

After a recent series of data breaches, the next company targeted is the renowned pizza... Read more


Major websites down due to Fastly config error

7 weeks ago

Thousands of websites, including government portals, news, and social media sites, stopped responding on Tuesday,... Read more


Hidden Linux RPM bug discovered after decades

29 days ago

Red Hat has used RPM for software package distribution for decades with no prior known... Read more