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Hackers trying to overthrow Belarusian leader Lukashenko


Mallidi Rakesh Reddy

August 29, 2021

Belarusian hackers have released huge data that reveal the information and the activities of the most secret officers, police, and government databases in an attempt to drop Lukashenko from his position. It is part of overthrowing President Alexander Lukashenko's regime. They initially began defacing government sites as a part of a protest in September 2020 after the country's unfair election, where Alexander Lukashenko's success was generally considered fraudulent. These hackers are publishing hacked data on telegram. This hackers team consists of 15 members. The hacked data released over the past weeks include lists of alleged police informants, top government officials and secret spies, police drone and detention center footage, some undercover footage of isolation cells. These hackers are also getting help from another group called BYPOL. They reached out to BYPOL in December 2020 for guidance. The group is made by former Lukashenko officials who defected by the present government and are currently working to topple the regime from the inside. BYPOL gives them information on the best way to penetrate government associations and on the structure of the organization's databases. Consequently, the Cyber Partisans give the gathering data it can use to investigate the regime's crimes. The Cyber Partisan spokesperson said to Tech Review that they're utilizing cyberattacks to paralyze as much as possible of the regime's security forces, and sabotage the regime's weak points in the infrastructure, and provide protection for protesters. Their final goal is "to stop the violence from the terroristic regime in Belarus and also bring the country back to follow democratic principles and the rule of law."

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