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US cyber security firm says it can protect phones against Pegasus

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Lavanya Rao K

August 30, 2021

Zimperium, a US-based technology firm that specializes in mobile phone security, claims that it can protect organizations and individuals from zero-day attacks often used by Pegasus or similar spyware programs and has recently secured a contract with the United States Department of Defence (DOD) to deliver a Mobile Endpoint Protection (MEP) solution. It is not a cloud-based solution but has a complete on-premises solution, so even without any signature updates, they are still protected even if the phone is not connected to the internet. The program has a Mobile Threat Defense engine that uses machine learning to detect device and network behavior and attacks in real-time. It has been designed especially for mobile devices and works on iOS, Android, and Chromebook platforms. The on-device solution identifies and alerts the users about the threats and stops them. Google has chosen it as one of the three technology solutions to scan apps on its Play Store. This technology is being trusted by 3,000 enterprise customers globally and has significant references in every sector. Since the Pegasus scandal came back to the limelight earlier this year, demand for this technology has tremendously increased from Indian public and private sector clients. The company has been offering its services to governments and large enterprises globally and claims affordable services. According to the statistics, this mobile anti-malware market was expected to reach $12 billion in five years. However, the recent spotlight on the Pegasus scandal might push the valuation of the market even further.

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